MEL (Music Entity Linking), a novel entity linking system able to identify musical entities (i.e., artists, albums, places, and songs) present in unstructured text, and link them to MusicBrainz, an open music encyclopedia.

Entity Linking is the task to discover mentions of entities in text and link them to a suitable knowledge repository.

MEL acts as a REST API that receives a text and returns a list of disambiguated entities with their corresponding MusicBrainz URLs. An online demo of the API is also available here.

MEL API v0.1

MEL was created and developed by Sergio Oramas and Andrés Ferraro at the Music Technology Group in Barcelona. This is an initial prototype of the API, we are currently working on improve it and release the first version. This version of the API is not ready for comercial use. If you are interested on it please contact us. More information about how MEL works can be found here. If you want to use MEL for research purposes please cite the following publication:

Sergio Oramas, Andrés Ferraro, & Xavier Serra (2017). MEL: A Music Entity Linking System. Late-breaking & Demo at the 18th International Society of Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2017).

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